Residential Repairs

o All PVC leaks like the tough ones above, that other companies won’t touch

o Move, raise, remove or add sprinkler heads to increase efficiency

o Modify your system to meet your current watering needs

o System tune-up check, where we perform all of the above services

o Controller replacement

o Install rain sensors to existing sprinkler system

o Locate and repair valves

o Sprinkler inspections for purchasing or selling a residence

o Automate manual swimming pool fill-up

o City water lines to residences repaired


Coverage problems fixed

• Maturing tree expansion, stationary items blocking a head, fence additions

• Not enough sprinklers originally installed. We can fix that for you.

• System rebuild after a building a swimming pool, deck or patio expansion, or playground

Drip irrigation added for potted plants

• Add drip irrigation to water stationary potted plants by your front door or around the swimming pool deck. Drip irrigation is more water efficient than a traditional sprinkler system, and eliminates manual watering with the hose.