Our focus is on decreasing your water consumption, while keeping your lawn green and healthy. One strategy that assists in meeting this goal is to install a rain sensor onto your existing sprinkler system.

Rain sensors stop your sprinkler system from running before or during a scheduled watering event. It automatically “knows” when to revert back to the next scheduled watering once watering is necessary. This device quickly pays for itself and many MUD (Municipal Utility Districts) offer rebates on these and other water saving devices. Please consult your provider.


Above is the most popular sensor we install, a wired Hunter Mini-Clik rain sensor which is installed near your clock. When a certain amount of rain is received, it stops watering.

Some home-owners prefer a wireless sensor. This sensor/transmitter can be installed up to 200’ feet away, but the Wireless Rain Clik Receiver is attached adjacent next to the clock for power. This particular sensor will command a controller to shut off right when it starts to rain.



If you prefer to use the Rain Sensor functionality on your existing controller in combination with the wired Mini Clik sensor, it must be wired directly into your clock. This necessitates re-wiring the clock to get the new wiring into the protective PVC sleeve. However, you can go to the Mini Clik and unscrew the top to bypass the watering being inhibited by your clock.

When watering is interupted by a Hunter Rain Sensor, the clock will display an umbrella emblem with a slash through it. To bypass this, you can either push the sensor bypass button to BYPASS, or remove the top of the sensor.

Recommended Watering Times
Month Avg Low Avg High Precipitation Gardens Spray heads Rotors Comments
Jan 41.8 62.2 3.5       No watering, allow grass and plants to go dormant
Feb 44.8 66.1 3 8 10 15 Water once a week in late Feb if temperatures dictate
Mar 51.4 72.8 3.5 10 12 20 Water once a week with an 8:00 AM or later start time
Apr 58.3 79.2 3.5 10 12 20 Water twice a week, change start time to 8:00 PM
May 66.2 85.8 5.2 10 12 25 Water twice a week, change start time to 10:00 PM
Jun 71.8 91.1 5.4 10 12 25 Water twice a week, change start time to 1:00 AM
Jul 73.7 93.6 3.7 12 15 30 Consider watering three times a week, still after midnight
Aug 73.4 93.8 3.8 12 15 30 Consider watering three times a week
Sep 68.9 89 4.7 10 12 25 Water twice a week
Oct 59.3 81.7 5.3 10 12 25 Water once a week at 8:00 PM
Nov 50.2 72 4.1 8 10 20 Water once a week, change start time to 8:00 PM
Dec 43.6 64.7 3.6 0 0 0 First week of Dec winterize system
Avg 58.6 79.3 49.4″        
Notes: We have on average, 101.8 days with temperatures above 90 degrees
Watering when overnight lows are in the low 40’s causes lawn fungus